How to Prevent Alzheimer’s disease?

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How to Prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease has been widespread in recent years. It’s a form of dementia and studies have shown that in 2006, nearly 26.6 million people worldwide suffered from Alzheimer’s. By 2050, one in every 85 individuals is predicted to suffer from this rapidly spreading disease worldwide. As life expectancy has improved, Alzheimer’s disease has risen alarmingly. The numbers are troubling and must be taken seriously. Efforts must be made to increase a layman’s awareness of this condition.

Physical Exertion

One of the good old ways to keep away from multiple disorders tested and most successful, including Alzheimer’s, is physical exercise. You can significantly prevent Alzheimer’s by integrating a frequent and well-planned physical activity into your daily routine, but this hectic lifestyle is not easy. The benefits of physical exercise include increased heart strength to pump blood, enhanced brain blood flow, decreased cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, and decreased body weight. In short, it contributes to good mental health and reduced brain disease risk. If you’ve already acquired Alzheimer’s, daily exercise will help retain motor skills and avoid brain loss functioning properly.

Healthy Diet

The second step to avoiding Alzheimer’s disease is to take a balanced diet. While there is still plenty of space to assess the direct effect of certain food components on Alzheimer’s occurrence or prevention, what has been identified so far through research is that there is a strong association between heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Neural defense is also related to certain nutritional components.

Nutritionists created a diet through careful research, which includes some of human’s most beneficial ingredients. This diet is known as Mediterranean Diet and includes dark-colored fruits and vegetables such as egg plants, red peppers, black grapes, forest fruits, cherries, spinach broccoli, etc. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants that protect the brain against the production of free radicals that cause neuronal degradation. Another essential element in Mediterranean diet is fish that has a fatty acid called Omega-3 that is very helpful to cell membranes. Moreover, certain foods that raise the risk of brain-related diseases are also noted as excess red meat, high-fat dairy products and all kinds of greases.

Cognitive Exercising

Cognitive Exercising can be the most effective way to avoid Alzheimer’s. It helps enhance memory and brain functioning. Anything that includes thinking and using intellectual skills falls under cognitive exercise. Hobbies such as reading, playing chess, decision-making, strategy games, memorizing poetry, writing songs, solving problems, learning a new language, performing music, etc. are not only fun hobbies, but also help to avoid Alzheimer’s disease by keeping neural cells healthy.

The extremely rising prevalence of Alzheimer’s is attributed to lack of public knowledge. You know the dangers of having Alzheimer’s. Moreover, this condition is often found in old age, while preventions need to start early. Youths, however, seem to feel invulnerable and do not realize the danger.

In short, following a healthy lifestyle and constructive thinking will be helpful to avoid not only Alzheimer’s, but also other associated disorders.

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